5 Great Apps for Cannabis Growers

Cannabis was in the news for all the wrong reasons for a long time, but now that even celebrities, physicians, and sportspersons are bold about using cannabis, it’s a big market for investors. Naturally, as with everything else, technology has taken a huge leap even in the cannabis industry and growers now have a lot more options than they had in the yesteryears.

  • Marijuana Handbook Lite by Fallacy Studios

There are many apps that give you some valuable information about several strains, but the Marijuana Handbook Lite is beyond a regular strain guide. Yes, it does have an extensive library of strains that are drool-worthy, but it also gives you detailed information about each and every variety of cannabis you can think of.

Additionally, the app that’s available for Android users gives solid information even to people who don’t smoke because it has a whole section dedicated to edibles called the Cookbook. With over 30 recipes, you can choose whatever you want to make! Interestingly, Fallacy Studios has also provided a dictionary that explains various terms associated with cannabis and you can also use the THC calculator to determine the presence of THC in your system.

Last but not the least the app has something to offer for beginners who want to grow cannabis at home. Remember to order some of the best LED Grow lights and you can start growing today!

  • Cannabis Pocket Reference

Available for both Android and iOS users, this app is a fantastic guide for anybody looking to get some help while growing cannabis. Not only does the app contain a growing guide that helps you understand the basics of botany, but it also gives you a lot more information about cloning. Now, as you all know, cannabis seeds are expensive and it can be a hard task to invest money in seeds frequently, especially if you don’t have the best led grow lights.

Since medical cannabis users rely on cannabis regularly, it can be expensive for them, and that’s where cloning is helpful. Once you understand the basics of growing, you’ll be able to make your own clones where the offspring resembles the mother plant in all aspects. Apart from the guide, the Cannabis Pocket Reference also has a section recommending responsible usage of cannabis.

Whether you want to smoke or vape or hit a bong, this app will teach you how and since it also has a section dedicated to the medical benefits of marijuana, you can use this app whenever you’re in doubt.

  • Simleaf

Available to iOS users, Simleaf is like a virtual video game that gives you important tips to grow marijuana. You’re allocated a plant and your job is to take care of it. If you do the job well, you’ll be happy to receive a big yield, but if you neglect it, your plant will die a horrible death like it would in real life.

It’s like a game, but you’ll be able to pick up a lot more information by using this app because it piques your interest along the way. Moreover, as the app tells you exactly what to do when growing cannabis indoors, you have an expert right at your fingertips!

  • Hemp Inc

Ever played Farmville? Yeah? Then you’ll love Hemp Inc! Like Farmville, you can harvest weed in this game. But, you can also sell your harvest to celebrities like Snoop Dogg and Tommy Chong if you like! As the game is geared towards legalizing marijuana, it’s a little different than other apps. Also, the app supports cannabis growing and since it’s incredibly interesting, you’ll never get tired of it. Hemp Inc can be found on both Android and the iOS app store.

  • MassRoots

Have you ever wondered how it would be if you could make loads of friends who shared the same interests as you? What if you found growers that harvest and smoke their own cannabis just like you? Well, MassRoots makes that possible. By connecting with “Buds” – the term for friends on the app – you can share videos, pictures and a lot more stuff on this app.

Also, MassRoots offers current information about anything related to cannabis. Whether you’re a commercial grower hoping to build his contacts or a home grower who wants to connect with other growers, MassRoots has it covered.

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