Sync was born out of a requirement for prototyping and innovation in Scotland’s cultural sector. It was responsible for the annual Culture Hack Scotland, an event that promoted innovation in culture-related endeavors; Geeks-in-Residence, a programme that searched for personnel for organizations that promoted innovation and experimentation with purpose; as well as Sync Tank, a monthly online publication.

Why we Became/

It’s simple, really; we were becoming an upstart company whose goal was to face technological challenges facing cultural organizations—the stuff which most are afraid to face. Most companies are able to adapt with larger budgets, while we faced it with a far lesser budget allocation. That was what formed Sync—the ability to create and innovate on par with larger companies at half or even a fourth of the cost. The only barrier we had, and were willing to acknowledge, was the participation of affected parties, their interest, and willingness to risk.

Who we are/

Sync is a group of people with the same ideas coming together.

//Rohan Gunatillake. An expert in strategy and design, he’s been connected with Mission Models Money and was responsible for the urban meditation mobile app some people use. He’s also led the Edinburgh Festivals Innovation Lab, an inspiration for most of us at Sync.

//Suzy Glass. Our cultural sector liaison, she has worked before with Central Station, C4, BBC, the London Transport Museum and the Museum of London. She was also responsible for Trigger, an innovation in creating platforms for art forms, sectors, and interests in those areas to thrive.

//Erin Maguire. Our events and logistics person. Beyongolia was her specialty, where she combined tech with quality technical production.

//Devon Walshe. A leader and point person in all things tech as well as development. He was perfect for the role as a geek first, publisher second, and an entrepreneur as well. He was founder and director of the Journal, a local publication for students and young people to get and develop ideas on their own.