Houses in 3D: 5 of the best 3D modeling software available

It could be confusing choosing the perfect software if you’re new to the world of designing a house in 3D. No software is perfect, though; it all depends on the user, really, and that’s you.

Choosing the Best Software for You

With the available 3D software at your disposal, choosing one that works best could become quite a chore. However, here are a few alternatives you could take a look at:

It’s a great software for beginners. It features online tutorials, the best part of which teaches you to create basic parts in a pinch. It is quite limited if you’re already intermediate, and you do have to create an account. However, if you have to get started somewhere, these software are great tools to do it.

This is perfect for when you’re already getting there. The Graphisoft-developed open BIM (Building Information Modeling) allows you to create 3D and 2D drafting or model a building according to your vision. It is quite a beast to handle for beginners, though.

123D Design
A powerful, yet user-friendly, software; this is a watered-down version of Autodesk Inventor. It doesn’t skimp on the tools, however, and features tools to scan, sculpt, create 2D designs, and more. Beginners would find themselves at home with this software.

Another BIM software created by Autodesk, the tool is great if you’re an architect. The best part of this software is accessing a wide library of models shared by collaborators online. It also allows for people to quickly impose their revisions on your work and voice their opinions even when you’re miles apart.

An open-source program which creates parametric 3D models. You can easily create and modify your design simply by going back into your model history. It can also convert STEP files to STL easily, learning how through training videos.

It all comes down to learning

Whatever software you’re planning to use, the thing is to learn how to use it. Learning how to create models on the software, as well as learning how to use them, is a great process to become better at your craft.

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